what are you working for?

I just had another long day at the office and just when I’m already preparing for bed, I read this post and suddenly my sleepy brain is again in overdrive. What caught my interest is the story of the couple who worked diligently all their life for something in the future – a future they did not enjoy for long.

Right off the bat, my answer to the question is this – I’m working for money to pay the bills and for whatever knowledge I can glean at work. The order seems pathetic, but it’s the reality I’m living – for now. The key phrase is – for now.

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  1. revenueblitz says:

    I know it is easy to ‘fall back asleep’ as we get caught up in the tasks and responsibilities of every day life. I believe we need little reminders or triggers to represence ourselves to what life is really about.
    A client of mine who had just come back from Egypt had said that it left a mark on him. He had seen many of the tombs that people had carved thousands of years ago. It reminded him of how fleeting a lifespan can be. He wondered if those who had carved the tombs took advantage of the days they had and enjoyed them to the fullest which woke him up as well to make the most of all of the moments he has, including the time he spends ‘working’.


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