Tales from the Crypt

I’m now officially dead. And so from six feet under i’m going to relay to guys what happened in the last 24 hours of my “life”.

3:00PM I just came in from a get-together with my uncle in Morayta, Manila. I was supposed to meet Ralph there but my cellphone’s battery went off leaving me with nothing to contact Ralph with and so, i traipsed around Recto and Quiapo area alone for about an hour or so before finally relenting to my conscience that i better head back home to do the things that i have to do.

4:00 – 9:00pm after having snacks and lying low for a while, i got to do my laundry consisting of big bath towels, shirts, some shorts and some jackets. fate intervened and it rained for a while leaving me with no choice but to take a break. i resumed my laundry after the rain stopped around 6:30 and finally finished the shirts, shorts, and jackets around 9:00.

9:00 – 11:30 i had my dinner and since Nat sent me a message that she emailed me an MRF design, i crashed an internet cafe to download the said designs. i emailed them to my engineer friend who will be helping me with the technical study for our PA 143 feasibility study.

i slept until late 7am.

after waking up and doing my morning rituals. i slumped down on the computer chair and tried to pick up where i left off yesterday. but damn! the thesis files which i tirelessly worked on for the past few weeks cannot be read. (I originally worked on the laptop i borrowed from my uncle and saved all my working files on a dvd). my world crumbled.

it has been more than six hours since ground zero and i’m still dazed. the incident set me back by about a week and the semester is already ending around me.

so after having a new radical haircut, i plan to climb out of this hole i got myself into by trying to get a design for an mrf. but so far, no such luck. either its so complex that its not applicable to a Philippine barangay, it is just text.

so for posterity’s sake, here is a picture of me from below six feet.


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