11:15am Post Final Exam Rubdown

after a scantily prepared for final exam in stat 101, i broke into sigh. it was ok. the stat 101 exam was ok. but not yet. i still have a thesis to finish. an incomplete paper to submit. another final exam on the offing. a big feasibility study to get off the ground and a newsletter to fill my grade whirlpool. my schedule i shot in the head and my things are all strewn on the floor. it is INDEED finals week.


Just then, i saw this picture off Flickr and it struck me as something is should think about. Should i just see the balackness swirling about or the light that is beginning to expand from the center.

It is good to be optimistic about things, but its more prudent to keep your head over your shoulders.

It may be true that rainclouds have silver linings on their undersides but it is no help if your too devastated to start with. Minimize liabilities and live another day.

reading back, where did all those thoughts came from? maybe it is but an outpouring of sentiments during hard times. Did i passed the Final Exam? I sure did!

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