Azneita | Mission Statement

this time around, i plan to do all things by the book. previous experience point to the need to keep focused in whatever things that you would do. so in the spirit of being consistent, i’ll list what i plan to do with this blog.

  • this will be my personal take on my interests namely: batangas city, technology, politics and entrepreneurship (this is a short list, so i can still expand this)
  • the whole blog will revolve around the BIG FOUR (however oblique it may be, they must be related)
  • this is forever a work in progress, this is an exercise to hone my writing skill and so great care will be given to spelling and grammar
  • this endeavor will strive to attain a high SEO (pagerank or whatever is applicable)

and so help me God… hehe..


  1. pakso says:

    also, even though there may be websites to be maintained outside wordpress, azneita project should always be pursued as a regular, default, automatic thing… it should be maintained as a living body should be. continuously evolving and growing.


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