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THE family usually consists of one husband and two wives. During the breeding season, they mate every day and the females lay an egg every other day (provided the eggs are removed for artificial incubation).

When they are scared or sense an enemy, they bury their heads on the ground, thinking they are safe.

We are talking of the largest bird in the world—the ostrich. These birds originate mostly from Africa.

Demand for ostrich meat, eggs, leather and feather has been growing rapidly in the world market, and more slowly, in the Philippines. Which is why over the past five years, there has been a sprouting of ostrich farms in the country—from Cagayan de Oro, Nueva Ecija, Valenzuela and Bulacan. –

-excerpt from “Ostrich farming, anyone?”, Published on page B4 of the September 10, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Batangas City | History 101

Spanish missionaries first set foot in Batangas City in 1572. The settlement was founded in 1581 and named “Batangan” because of the numerous big logs that abounded the Calumpang River. The logs were called “batang” by the natives who settled near the river and called the settlement “Batangan”. This name was modified and became Batangas in 1601. Don Agustin Casilao was appointed as the first Gobernadorcillo. Since 1754, the city has been the capital and administrative center of the province. Batangas became a city in 1969 through Republic Act. No. 5495.

The following dates marked the significant events/activities which shaped the growth and development of Batangas City.

1581 – the first Roman Catholic Church was built
1902 – Batangas High School was established
which is now known as the Batangas
National High School.
June 19, 1909 – The Batangas Municipal Hall was
July 04, 1909 – Civil Government was established under the
American Regime.
June, 1910 The Batangas Trade School was formally
opened. Known now as the Batangas State
University formerly Pablo Borbon Memorial
Institute of Technology.
July 25,1915 – Plaza Mabini was inaugurated.
Dec. 12, 1941 – Japanese planes bombed and totally
destroyed the Batangas Airport in Barangay
Feb. 13, 1948 – Batangas Catholic Church was elevated to
the status of Basilica Minor of Infant Jesus
and Immaculate Conception.
June 21, 1969 – The late President Ferdinand Marcos signed
Republic Act No. 5495 creating Batangas City
into law.
July 23, 1969 – Batangas City Government was formally

Azneita | Mission Statement

this time around, i plan to do all things by the book. previous experience point to the need to keep focused in whatever things that you would do. so in the spirit of being consistent, i’ll list what i plan to do with this blog.

  • this will be my personal take on my interests namely: batangas city, technology, politics and entrepreneurship (this is a short list, so i can still expand this)
  • the whole blog will revolve around the BIG FOUR (however oblique it may be, they must be related)
  • this is forever a work in progress, this is an exercise to hone my writing skill and so great care will be given to spelling and grammar
  • this endeavor will strive to attain a high SEO (pagerank or whatever is applicable)

and so help me God… hehe..