random notes from LCA 2016 -3

global conversation
need to learn public speaking
bold and audacious
not about having the right answer but packaging that answer in consumable form (?)
it’s about making the most out of the hours our contributors give

behavioral economics
– system1
– system2

scarf model
– status
– certainty
– autonomy (we want choices)
– relatedness (social groups are important)
– fairness

experience and choice!
we accomplish goals indirectly
be themselves
leaders should set good examples
culture, age, and experience

here app (offline maps)

physical computing – back to roots!
maori translations
creating experiences
go (language) for building tools!
percona 5.6 at dropbox
grafana at dropbox
improving backup restore speed – lzop
naoru: auto-remediation framework
inventory management: machine database (mdb)
fun names!
diagnostics: automated periodic tcpdump
db shards
culture shift from nab (bank) to dropbox
everyone is so brave
predictive analysis on existing capacity

do more CTF!

static analyzer – idapro
gdb – sig to stop process without stopping it

have a seat at the table
beef – xss
content security policy – READ!!!

1155 front door, st paul

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