my topic tomorrow at linuxday

I’ve just been asked to talk tomorrow at bluepoint’s linux day lectures [1] and I had no choice but to accept. Given the short preparation time and the audience being mostly bluepoint alumni and fedora ph members, I have decided to talk about how to get Fedora Project to fund your event/activity.

Adding some marketing glitz and an unhealthy doze of sensationalism to an otherwise straightforward topic, I titled it – Fedora Does Not Pay: How To Convince Them To Open The Purse.

The slides are not ready yet but I’m going to lift a lot of stuff from the Fedora Wiki [2,3,4,5] and excerpts from personal experience. I’m envisioning the talk to sort of empower local contributors to step up to plate more often and more confident knowing that resources will be there for them when they need them.



  1. How did your talk go?


    1. herson says:

      Hi Leslie,

      Some take-aways: The attendees want to do Fedora events and we’re now planning to do a FAD come December.

      The not so good part – they want me to continue being the point person for funding. All the while my goal is to get them do it themselves.

      Will post an event report within the day too!


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