FUDCon Pune Day 2

I’m very much a regular attendee for FUDCon Day 2 and it’s easier to move around for me since I’m now more or less accustomed to the place.

The day started with Harish’s keynote about the Red Hat Community Architecture team and how they interfaces with Fedora Project. He offered that their work involves pretty much taking care of the Commons and highlighted the analogy of “gardening”. Too much fertilizer will kill the plant, too less will stunt it. The challenge is getting to that sweet spot.

One of the things that resonated well with me is measuring performance – “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. One of the many things we’ll probably do in the Philippines is measure stuff and get useful information out of them. We got the usual stats like registration numbers but we can probably pare it down further to get more information.

After the keynote, I attended huzaifas’ and eugene’s security talk and learned how they do things in Red Hat Security Response Team. It’s really quite interesting and I’ll be waiting for eugene’s reading list 🙂

I caught a little bit of the GlusterFS talk then lunch at the Speakers’ Lounge then some sightseeing in the city. Huzaifas brought us to this mall where eugene bought some stocktrading books, izhar some really cheap oreilly books and mak a backpack. On the way back, Mak and I took a roundabout route back to COEP. We walked some distance and I got the chance to play “patintero[1]” with the local traffic 🙂

We came back to COEP in time for Kashyap’s libvirt talk, Jared’s Publican talk and Shazarika’s System Administration talk. We had group photos at the end of the day and the “Best FUDPub Ever” after some hotel rest. FUDPub was held at a rooftop where you got this cool view of the city and the college volunteers’ energy was incredible!

[1] http://tagaloglang.com/Filipino-Culture/Filipino-Games/how-to-play-patintero.html

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