FUDCon Pune Day 1

Yesterday was really challenging for me because we arrived 3AM and I had two sessions on the first day. Getting into Pune was an adventure to say the least. Together with Harish, Izhar and Eugene, I believe our taxi driver managed to get us lost at least two times 🙂

Jared’s keynote started the first day and I smiled when I saw his slides are the same from LCA2011 (or something close to that) 🙂 His pictures really resonate well.

After Jared’s keynote, I managed to catch parts of “Developer Survival Manual :: Impatient developer guide for groking the source” and “Transifex – Effective Localization Crowdsourcing”. The great Kushal Das caught me while at the Transifex talk and he led me to the speakers’ lounge after it. In the Speakers’ Lounge, I got a big adrenalin boost – Rahul told me I’m delivering the ending keynote. That time I only have 13 worth of slides and I’m wound up the whole day after that. Good thing Izhar saved the day for me 🙂 We went over my slides at the speakers’ lounge and tried to enlighten my presentation and just before my ending keynote, he came up with the idea of lightning talks to fill in the time. Lots of great ideas were shared around and honestly, it ended up being more interesting than my talk 🙂

For the Fedora Web of Trust, I should say most of the keysigning happened outside of the formal session. Most of the contributors are busy with their own talks or attending more interesting ones and soon enough, people are verifying GPG keys and IDs in the most interesting places – in the hallways, in the restaurant before dinner and even in the bus on the way to COEP. I’m looking forward to how our keyrings will look like after FUDCon India – most of the guys have new keys.

After the talks, we dropped our bags in the hotel and went off to do touristy stuff. At the souvenir shop, Joerg didn’t manage to buy the whole store . We had dinner at the Blue Nile – an authentic Indian restaurant. I didn’t really recognize any of the food but I still managed to eat a lot of it. Dum Chicken Masala! 🙂

Joerg: The joke tag doesn’t show up correctly 🙂

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