growing leaders

Max made a very clear post about how he’d like FAMSCO to look like next year and the full text is here.

While I agree with everything he touched upon, I would like to take “IDENTIFY” further and add “GROW LEADERS”. Leadership is a special ability to set goals for the future, and to explain these goals to others in such a way that they voluntarily and harmoniously work together to accomplish them[1]. For Fedora Ambassadors to continue to grow and prosper, we need a steady stream of leaders who can and are willing to take the cudgels for the organization. In a typical business organization, they call it succession planning.

Fedora Ambassadors have a lot of rock stars around the world, that one is evident. In a perfect world, everyone can be leaders. In reality though, most of us are just great individual workers with keen management sense. We can manage but few can really lead.


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