Case for FUDCon India 2011

Yesterday, we had a special meeting regarding FUDCon APAC bids and I managed to join the discussion when it’s already well into the middle parts. Looking over the logs[1] today, it’s evident that I did not miss much. The only takeaway for me from that part is FUDCon Delhi 2006. You see, I have always thought of FUDCon 2011 as APAC’s first FUDCon. It’s a brief disappointment but I’m glad I now have my history straight.

Another takeaway for me from the meeting is mether’s insight about community building.

14:48:23 the early stages of a new community, you do tend to do more community work
14:48:43 as the community matures, it gears up to be more technical. I think that is just a natural progression

I’ll hold that thought as we’re not quite there yet.

The meeting is quite incomplete because we don’t have anybody from China to make their pitch. I know gbraad and the rest of his team has done a tremendous job putting together a bid in such a short span of time but nobody was able to attend. Offhand queries like how fast can one apply for a visa, what airline to choose when travelling from so and so country, discount travel tips (individual or group), how’s the climate there during the conference. Simple things that in reality have no bearing in deciding between the bids but is a difference maker for international attendees.

Now, why India?

Simply put, India has done their homework and the breadth of preparation already in place is impressive. I have seen their efforts even while we’re preparing for last January and letting that go unrewarded is unthinkable.

With all that being said, I think China shaped up to be a strong contender for future FUDCons. I say contender because hopefully by next year, our own Philippine community can also join the fray. 🙂


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