Pictures are up!

This is to wrap up our Software Freedom Day event in the Philippines. We had a great time, thank you! And we’ll do it again next year!

Fedora Project banners high above the lobby area of the National Computer Center.

Volunteers manning the booth – Dona Grace, Herson Pagcaliwagan and Henry Pagcaliwagan.

Engels Antonio delivering his talk about FOSS.

Answering questions at the booth. Notice the word FREE using Fedora stickers.

The crowd around the booth. We gave away 550+ LiveCDs to the crowd – mostly students and teachers.

Delivering an impromptu talk introducing Fedora Project using Paul Frields’ slides.

Fedora Ambassadors and Team BLUE.

[1] Fedora Philippines @
[2] Bluepoint

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  1. Paul Frields says:

    Wonderful job promoting free software! Way to go Fedora team in the Philippines!


  2. Awesome! Thanks for this great job!


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