T-Shirt Proposal for SFD 2009

I managed to bully my friend Bernard Buenaventura into finally making this shirt design. The skyline element features the UP Oblation, the UP Carillon and the Palma and Melchor Hall facades – all of them inside the University of Philippines – Diliman campus – where SFD2009 will be held this year.

My big problem challenge right now is how to get the design on the actual shirts. I’m almost out of time with SFD2009 coming fast this Saturday. In any case, we’ll figure something out and eventually get those shirts on the gorgeous bodies of our contributors and attendees. 😀


  1. mairin says:

    Hi, that’s a modified version of the Fedora logo and you can’t use it under the Fedora logo Guidelines. The colors are off (the insides of the infinity symbol in the logomark are a lighter shade of blue than the speech bubble) and the cross bar of the f has been shortened.

    The accompanying font looks like it is Bryant or close to it. The Fedora logo guidelines dictate the usage of MgOpen Modata (a free font unlike Bryant) as the companion font to go with the Fedora logotype.

    The usage of the Fedora logo mark with the ‘reedom’ text is also a violation of the usage guidelines.

    Please email logo@fedoraproject.org for help in getting this usage of the logo approved. Right now there’s several usage guidelines violations…


    1. It’s a good thing that I posted these before they hit the press 😀

      I already sent the email.


  2. Skavoovie says:

    Seriously, um, it looks like that guy is standing on top of a penis in the foreground. Nutsack and all.


    1. Never looked at it that way 😀
      Anyhow, changes have been made for the designs to conform with the Fedora Logo Guidelines and they are here.


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