Banners for SFD2009

Here are our possible banners for Software Freedom Day 2009 this coming Saturday. Mark Mercado (a fellow Bluepointer) stepped into the plate swinging with the help of Rowel Bustillo who made the designs based on the Fedora Design Team’s design elements.

The dynamic duo also offered to take care of the banners so we can minimize costs against our Fedora Event budget and ultimately generate some savings for CodeFest prizes. For that and more (they came out of nowhere to help out), I’m very very grateful!


  1. mairin says:

    You need to submit a request for permission to use the logo to

    Your use of the logo here is pretty clearly in violation of the usage guidelines though so there are a few tweaksyou’ll need to make.


  2. Changes have already been made for the designs to conform with the Fedora Logo Guidelines and they are here.


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