sample home system

My uncle was supposed to buy a relatively cheap but decent enough home computer system. Here’s what I should have given him.

Short explanation on my choices:

  • Processor – good enough starting chip; not too expensive but good enough to handle usual load
  • Motherboard – good board with plenty of upgrade opportunities; i’m thinking of upgrading to a quad-core if budget permits
  • Memory – i sort of splurged on this one; haven’t really tried a corsair xms but i like the extra it placed aesthetics
  • Video card – good enough budget VC;
  • Optical drive – i just picked the one on the top of the pricelist; they’re pretty inexpensive nowadays
  • Hard Drive – i have a lot of hard disks lying around (250GB, 320GB, 500GB,..) so I just picked a starter disk
  • Power Supply – really needed to replace the stock power supply that usually comes with the casing
  • Case/Keyboard/Mouse – cases are usually store options; Logitech Internet Pro for keyboard and mouse
  • LCD Monitor – this was supposed to be samsung but i’m not really a fan of beveled LCDs
  • UPS – there have been a lot of power interruptions lately so better be safe than sorry

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