good things come in small packages


02 June 2009

I found myself at Villman’s Computer Center – SM North EDSA Annex around 6:00PM. I bought myself a brand-new Compaq CQ40-310AU which the office generously bankrolled. During the unit testing, I managed to get the store technician curious enough with a Fedora LiveCD that I just have to give it to him along with a Fedora DVD. Hopefully, he’ll showcase them to new buyers.

04 June 2009

With a few taps of the keyboard and a Fedora LiveCD, a former intern of ours managed to recover his files from his bum laptop all by himself. He was about to give up on his files before he went to me for advice last week and I just gave him a LiveCD and some instructions.

He booted into the LiveCD environment then mounted the host’s hard disk. After navigating through the familiar file structure (Windows), he was able to extract his files into USB sticks and is now on his way to reformat the laptop.

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