Philippine Orthopedic Hospital


Yesterday, I waited for three (3) hours (in the Emergency Room no less!) for a doctor to look at my bothersome knee which I aggravated last Saturday. I originally went to the OPD but I was referred to the ER because the injury I sustained is just recent (less than a week). In the ER, I waited three hours for a 10-minute consultation with a doctor who does not really inspire confidence and talks as if you cannot comprehend what he’s talking about.

The former I can understand – probably because of low pay and inexperience – I’m not really a paying customer so I can’t complain. His advice of rest and immobilization are sound though and I appreciate that.

The latter though, is the one I took offense for. I believe that everybody should be afforded dignified medical care irregardless of their economic status.

During my three hours of stay at the ER, people came in droves – some of them with open wounds, some of them with hands or feet in unusual positions – and they have to wait before a nurse/doctor attend to them. They have to wait with whatever condition they are in on the hard monobloc benches and they have to take self-prescription drugs for the pain and they still have to wait. Oh yes, they have to wait!

It’s really sad, these guys have nowhere else to go and it’s either they wait or go home and silently endure the pain.


  1. choy says:

    I had the same experience–I mean the long wait and some unfriendly manners. But the unfriendly treatment is not justified by the fact that we’re on free service. Those docs and nurses get their pay from the government, and the government is there because of us, the people. They’re not doing the service for free.


  2. Precious Zambo says:

    We have up coming interview & Singapore Nursing Board for NURSES bound to Singapore…for those NURSES with 3yrs. – up exp. can ONLY apply and can possible to undergo the interview and exam…


  3. libay alcantara says:

    i’d like to commend full medical services and excellent patient care of dr. almeron to my mother erlinda alcantara; also, i’d like to extend my gratitude to dr. patricio who did the brace to my mom’s twisted left hand,to dr. medina who assisted us during our stay at POC.
    their warm accomodation has indeed changed my views and perception since i had previous experiences which are quite disappointing when it comes to customer / patient’s care.

    keep up the good work!


    1. This is quite good news and I hope we will hear more of these! While it has been unfortunate for me to experience another kind of service, stories like this are very much welcome. Kudos to Drs. Almeron, Patricio and Medina! I just wish you were there when I needed you guys 😀


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