KG and Me: Down But Not Out

What do KG and me have in common right now?

Both of us have bum right knees. He has bone spurs while I have a “knee sprain” (I want to call it an ACL tear but I still need an MRI to confirm it).

What are we doing about our respective knees?

KG already had arthroscopic surgery to remove his bone spurs. For me, I’m currently resting my knee and preparing to have an MRI in two weeks time (the slight swelling should subside by then). Hopefully after the MRI, my doctor would have accurate information about the knee and would either operate on it or rehab it.

What are our expectations about this whole thing?

KG will be able to return to full health and participate next season and eventually make a run at another championship. I’d probably cough out enough money for the MRI fall short for an all out knee operation. Either I’d find myself a wealthy sponsor or sell my soul to the devil. I’m hoping it would be the former.

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