Mailing Lists Old and New

I’m in the process of consolidating all of my emails into just one address – herson a/t azneita d()t org and so far, it has taken me most of last weekend to transfer all my previous mails and mailing list subscriptions to the new address.

h@a.o mailing list subcriptions:

  • ubuntu-ph
  • philippine linux users group
  • fedora triage list
  • fedora marketing list
  • fedora advisory board
  • fedora test list
  • fedora announce
  • fedora ambassadors (yet to be re-approved)


  1. bochecha says:

    Why don't you use your mail address ?This way, when you move from one account to another, all you have to do is change the conf in your FAS account, and future emails will be forwarded to your new mail address…


  2. herson says:

    I'm still using azneita@fp.o – it now points to herson@a.o 😀


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