LAMP (LAMP; Virtualization) Talk @ STI

I have just finished my two set of talks at STI Novaliches and it was fun talking with students again. STI Novaliches has a tie-up with Microsoft and is primarily an IIS/ASP/.NET outfit so talking about Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP is a bit of a challenge. I believe I did got through some of them though.

Some things I can do better:

  • My Fedora laptop suffered from kernel oops moment just after updating it just this morning and I wasn’t able to showcase its Compiz-enabled GNOME desktop.
  • I wasn’t able to ssh to my remote server during demo time and it kind of sucked the life out of the momentum I had built up during lecture.
  • I don’t have Fedora LiveCD with me (I have them on my office table)


  1. Jhoe-m@r says:

    OK lang naman sir diniscuss nyo eh! Im one of those students na tinuruan nyu po. Medyo interesting nga poh ung topic. Meron din ba po kayong alam sa software development?


  2. herson says:

    Thanks for the feedback! Sana maulit :DUnfortunately, I'm not that much into software development right now but I'm planning to remedy that this year.


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