Cleaning House

No. I haven’t cleaned the apartment yet, I’m still busy thinking about it.

What happened was I migrated azneita project to its new (and I hope, now permanent) home at Linode. The server setup was quick – I just built the VM using Linode’s cool provisioning tool, then set up httpd, mysql, php, and wordpress. For good measure, I also managed to secure ssh and was also able to bring up a basic iptables firewall. Most of the docs I referred to are from fedorasolved and those docs really helped.

The challenging part came after the server setup – deciding how the site will look like and what features it”ll be having. There are so many themes and plugins available outside of that narrowing them down is really tedious. I settled for depo skinny as my theme while I installed All in One Adsense and YPN, flickrRSS, Google Analyticator, Google XML Sitemaps, IntenseDebate (I also used OpenID for this service) and SyntaxHighlighter for my plugins. Each and every one of them has their own quirks (the theme, especially) and it took me quite a good time ironing them out with what meager HTML/PHP skills I have.

azneita.o looks fairly better now than before, right?

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