Looking back the past few weeks, I’m more than happy to say that I’m now back on track. A light work week and a stress free weekend really do wonders for a weary body and mind.

Some items that are supposed to be on my mind but I’m busy zoning out:

  • ISO Quality Manual Revision (now waiting for board approval but there are still items that need ironing out)
  • IT Documentation (I really need to devote more time into this)
  • Room 205 workstations really need some love and care ASAP (those coastal pips are really squeezing them dry)
  • I need to get those documents cleared soon (DOST-SEI, SSS ID, RMH, etc.)
  • Office Seminars (HR and IT are highest on my list)
  • IT learning (I’m thinking about seriously learning PHP and Python)
  • Organize my thoughts about Fedora APAC

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