before i go to bed

Its been quite depressing to find myself without any substantial output for the assignments I currently have.

Cases in point:

  • Quality Manual update– another project has been getting much of my time these days while the usual trivial office tasks have found my desk so conveniently. I have a meeting tomorrow with my supervisor and I have nothing to report. Sheesh.
  • Our Office Server Crashed – and I really don’t know why. The system logs points to smbd and cupsd refusing connections but that’s all. It seems like samba just refused to write on the filesystem even though files are still open – and that caused some files to be corrupted – erasing a good half-day’s worth of honest work.
  • Holiday work – it’s non-working holiday in the Philippines in celebration of the Feast of Ramadan and I’m at the office the whole day and more. No choice there, work exigencies you know.

Some items I’m considering spending more time on:

  • Bug Zappers – I’m interested on how things work for Fedora and I figured that the best way to do that is to know how things break 😀 I had just joined the mailing list and I might say, it’s quite active – more active than the ambassadors’ list.
  • Django – I tried following this book and it’s quite promising. Too bad, I had so little ME time nowadays that I had to stop for the meantime.
  • F10 Release Party – I need to call on the brods ASAP to discuss the details for the UP venue. Ditto with Sir Engels and Ma’am Magie.
  • Exercise – I’m getting too far ahead in the weighing scales that I just have to cut back on the munching and more on the sweating.

Now, I can sleep.

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