For the past few days, I have found myself surfing’s blogs searching for something that will hopefully provide some writing inspiration. For today, I’m discussing pseudoperl’s post regarding knowledge management and IT.

What struck me most on pseudopearl’s post is its conviction that “technology will have no role in Knowledge Management if we do not have any knowledge to manage and (to) store(d)”. If you do not have any knowledge, you won’t have any use for knowledge management to begin with. I’m an IT practitioner by profession and though I recognize that IT is just a tool, an “enabler” if you may; disregarding IT is very shortsighted and dangerous IMHO.

Regarding knowledge bases, we’re actually starting off a wiki to document our current business processes and to try to codify both tacit and explicit knowledge that our staff may have. While it’s true that IT is just a part and not the whole of KM, discounting IT is like throwing away a very clear competitive advantage. If done properly, IT can bring your KM practice to heights you can only dream off without IT.


  1. PM Hut says:

    I remember I had a small post discussion with someone the other day about KM and PM. That man was a professional with lots of years of experience, what he said was that Project Management is actually part of Knowledge Management. Which probably is true (some might disagree though).


  2. Adela says:

    Great stuff. is the shit.


    1. And I don’t know where the smell came from.


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