Updating the Quality Service Manual

Worthwhile Challenge
I have just been assigned to spearhead the company’s initiative to update our quality service manual and so far, it has proven to be a worthwhile challenge. The quality service manual is basically a documentation of our firm’s business processes ranging from the most mundane to the most technical tasks. It’s breadth encompasses both staff and management alike that making the manual simple is as critical as making it comprehensive.
Five Steps
Without going to the contents of the document, I have resolved to proceed updating it using the following five steps:
  1. Conduct an internal quality audit. (are we currently practicing this? is this still relevant? does it conform with ISO 9001’s 20 elements?)
  2. Present the findings of the audit to the staff. (solicit suggestions from the practitioners themselves for a better way of doing things)
  3. Prepare a quality service manual draft. (put into writing what we got from steps 1 and 2)
  4. Have the draft reviewed by management. (solicit comments from the powers-that-be who will ultimately make the decision)
  5. Finalize the draft. (incorporate the suggestions forwarded during step 4)

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