Measuring BIR’s Email Response Time

Have just emailed Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) regarding my TIN ID problem and I’m very curious as to how long will it take before they reply, if at all.

Here’s the content of my email:


I just want to confirm the process of getting a TIN ID based on my circumstances.

I was one of those who got my TIN from the now discontinued e-TIN facility. I studied and later worked here at Quezon City while calling Batangas City as my birthplace. From what I know, I should be getting my TIN ID from BIR Batangas City Office. However, when I asked my brother to get my ID for me (with authorization letter), he was told that I could only get my ID from BIR Quezon City.

Can somebody clarify the process for me. I intend to go to Batangas City for the long weekend and straighten this out with BIR Batangas City if they’re responsible for my ID.

Many thanks.

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