Afternoon Ideas

We badly need some direction regarding our IT system. The best way to start things off would be by updating the IT Roadmap and making it more substantial. Our mantra would still be Security, Safety, Reliability and Accessibility (courtesy of big boss jon). I would like to add Efficiency into the mix (to highlight IT’s role in increasing productivity in the workplace) but that can come later.

For me, security means immunity from unauthorized access to office files and resources. This would highlight the need to safeguard the office LAN – office servers, wireless access, workstations, laptops, and even small items that are entrusted to IT (software licenses, CDs, USB disks, and other gadgets that we have). Precautions against theft (both intellectual and physical properties) should also be considered. More on this later – Security Plan/Policy. An inventory of all IT materials is warranted.

Safety against bodily harm. No trip wires. Properly grounded equipments. Acquisition of ergonomic and safety graded equipments.

To spur productivity, a certain level of reliability must be established. File and print servers would be at the center of it all followed by wireless access with working workstations a given. Services such as the intranet and any software application that will be developed will also have a place in this hierarchy.

Everything should be connected. Closely tied to reliability, accessibility would point to the direction information will take within the office. More like a policy statement for the future, this section would look forward as much as reliability will take care of the present.

By and large, nothing can be done in one sitting. Direction and a lot of perseverance should see this thing through.

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