Solid Waste Management Dev Plan

7 March

  • My route was barangay administrator – program coordinator (mrf) – barangay kagawad ( Norma Villano). Ms. Norma is a very vibrant fellow who could be considered a veteran with regards to solid waste management. She was supposed to be the consultant for waste management for Bustos, Bulacan among other posts. And according to her, she is very active in other related initiatives.
  • According to her, the target area is still under Bagong Pag-asa.
  • Possible problem with “hakot basura” from Project 6.
  • Scavenger problem.
  • Weak info dissemination system re: waste management
  • Strong-headed citizens
  • Oma is also from Batangas City. Both of Cuta and Sampaga.
  • Will be preparing a draft by today.
  • Here’s the vicinity map. Target area is covered by the line. It’s 0.75 km long, and covers both side of the highway.

Site Vicinity Map

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