FOSS Training Center – Feasibility Study

7 March (Friday)

  • I got in touch with Barangay Bagong Pag-asa officials regarding the study I’m conducting. I went barangay administrator -> IT administrator -> secretariat -> letter to receptionist (for brgy. captain) -> now still waiting for reply. I got the impression that the secretariat is a bit hesitant about the whole thing because it may come across a somewhat similar project by a City councilor (this one for Windows). The said project is supposedly being conducted with the help of AMA Computer University. I forgot the councilor’s name though (a she).
  • I also got in touch with the principal of Bagong Pag-asa Elementary School. He is a PhD holder and seems to know his way with research papers. He seems to be a likable person once we get over the supposed research protocols and seems to be just as concerned with his performance rating as much as with the welfare of his wards. I’m returning next week with a detailed questionnaire as to how the training program would be supposedly established. I just hope that things would go faster from now on.

Update: March 8

  • I sent feelers to PLUG and Ubuntu PH regarding similar initiatives which I can pattern this one on. As of now (11:43PM)… no replies. Hopefully tomorrow, people will be more sober and point me to the right direction.
  • Magie Antonio already replied that they would help out. Many thanks.

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