original vcds

I have a small collection of movies going and they’re all in VCD format. Basically, it started when i begin working part-time while studying and ever since, it grew into what it is today. I enjoy the usual chick-flicks but they are mostly about sports and comedy.

here’s a list of what i currently have (in alphabetical order):

  1. {proof}
  2. 61*
  3. alfie
  4. an officer and a gentleman
  5. analyze that
  6. any given sunday
  7. big fish
  8. cheaper by the dozen2
  9. city of angels
  10. drumline
  11. fight club
  12. for love of the game
  13. goodfellas
  14. head of state
  15. high school musical
  16. in good company
  17. intolerable cruelty
  18. juwanna mann
  19. little man tate
  20. miracle
  21. mr. 3000
  22. nba at 50
  23. pilates
  24. raising helen
  25. second string
  26. summer catch
  27. the 2006 fifa world cup film: the grand finale
  28. the longest yard
  29. the mighty ducks
  30. without a paddle

1 Comment

  1. abet kalabet says:

    nak nang teteng..

    dami mo orig na titles ah.


    ang sa kin lang eh complete trilogy ng star wars eh.. boxed copy.

    tindi mo tol..

    NO TO PIRACY ika nga..


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