Calm Before The Storm

I dropped by AMH earlier today just to condition myself with all the work I’m expecting this week. Also, I need to prep up on my Linux Basics because Total Linux will start off tomorrow. And so i came across plethora of websites offering E-Books on the subject (there are so many so I did not bother listing them down, you can always Google them). I really want to build my own Linux system so I printed Linux from Scratch plus the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy to polish up my fundamentals. Afterwards, I paid attention to all the torrents available regarding Linux and I think I struck gold with a copy of McGraw Hill’s RHCE study guide I got from the pile. All in all, I think I have at least five books to read. I just hope, I’ll have the time to read them all before all hell breaks loose. Anyway.

Initial part of backup tutorial in Linux Planet.

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  1. M says:

    “before all hell breaks loose”

    Ang landi!


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