I just forwarded to my boss a new proposal for a service contract and right now I’m crossing my fingers that they would heart-and- mind-and-with-open-arms accept what I wrote in that email. I’m so anxious that I can’t sleep even though I just watched Ouija and I’m now all alone in the living room. Great movie by the way.

Going back to the proposal, the firm generally needs someone who will take care of their IT capability so that they can bring efficiency in the delivery of services – primarily engineering consulting. Now, i have three things going for me – I know their system (since i built it), I know the people and I can make it better. The first two are givens since they are already facts. The third one is exciting. I would basically engineer their office system from the ground up and lay the foundation upon which future system administrators will work on. This would be my amh legacy.

Regarding this improvement thing, i will have three foci – information channels (both upward and downward), proactive planning and institutionalized work processes.

  1. information channels – formal reports to supervisor and advisories to end users
  2. proactive planning – planned expenditures and system roadmap
  3. institutionalized work processes – services will be formalized into routines so that it would be easier for end-users to familiarize themselves with services and to make other processes more efficient (the main goal of the exercise)

Beginning with these three, i hope i can start to lighten the burden for the directors regarding their IT needs. This will in effect give them more time to focus their efforts on their real roles – to steer the firm to the achievement of its goals.

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