batangas city and other stuff for azneita project year 1

Batangas City Bearings – 3°45′25.96″N, 121°3′29.2″E

The date is September 8, 2006 and I was then alone in the Internet Committee Office of the UP International Center working as network support personnel. It has been weeks since Google disabled my Adsense account on alleged click fraud and ever since then I stopped blogging. Then inspiration hit me like a boulder – bang! Azneita Project was born!

Primarily, AP (Azneita Project) should be about Batangas City, Technology, Politics and Entrepreneurship. As of last count, Technology posts claimed the top spot with 17 posts, Small Business followed with 15, Public Administration and Politics with a total of 15 and lastly, Batangas City with 4. The seeming disparity could be attributed to academics, work and sheer laziness.

AP by the way is now a full-pledged PageRank 3 website – a step down from a PageRank 4 that slipped. Number 33 in Batangas City tag (Google Search).

The dismal posts in the supposed to be core topics reflects unfocused writing and so we will remedy that. To do that, emphasis will be given to our dear hometown – Batangas City in the upcoming months. Much can still be done to right the ship that has gone askew! Avast lads!

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