Basecamp™: Project Collaboration Tool

I came upon Basecamp in search of a collaboration tool where members of a workgroup could easily post and see announcements pertaining to a specific project. I originally thought of building a website that would be locally hosted in the intranet just for this purpose, but it would be time consuming and not to mention – tedious (i am lazy).

The premise of the web app is quite straightforward – online collaboration. And i may add that Basecamp does it so well because it is simple without limiting the users too much. The app has five (5) major functions: Messages, To-Do, Milestones, Writeboards, and Chat.

What i like best in this web app is its simplicity. Very much like WordPress™, Basecamp is very intuitive and you can master all its nuances in such a short time.

  • Messages – i am using this as my shoutouts to all my slaves
  • To-Do – i like the way a tasks are crossed out whenever they are completed. tasks can also be configured in such a way that completion of set tasks will contribute to surpassing a milestone.
  • Milestones – it has a calendar that lets you see your deadlines. and since everyone loves deadlines, it comes in different colors matching your ineptitude (hehe).
  • Writeboards – will redirect you to another web app that handles writeboards. works very much like forums.
  • Chat – quite pricey since you need to register a paid account for chat, otherwise only 4 can simultaneously gossip while pretending to work. I disabled this feature because my account is just the free version. No need for a four-man chat room.

Here’s a screenshot:


  1. Leah says:

    Basecamp is simple, but it’s easier for managers to keep track of projects in Wrike –


  2. Steve says:

    You can also try Manymoon, it’s free:

    With Manymoon you can:
    * Managed private and shared To Do Lists and Projects.
    * Upload documents and add them to tasks and projects.
    * Integrate with Google Docs and Google Calendar.
    * Automatically convert emails into tasks.
    * Twitter-like feature to let people know what you are working on.


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