Fave Pic from the Windy City

A picture paints a thousand words and it tells a story just as well as any large amount of descriptive text can do. I am no Shakespeare or Yeats nor do i profess to be another Da Vinci or Picasso. But being the simple me, i can honestly say that this picture speaks and its heart beats.

You may ask if i’m playing cupid here. My answer would be, “No. I don’t even know the girl. But I can see that my friend there is happy in each other’s company (I believe the other one is too).

Me posting this picture here is my way of capturing the feeling the picture exudes. It is my way of using this “achy old arm (and knees) to push back the sun into the sky… and give us one more day of summer.”

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  1. poppet says:

    masyado ka nang nagiging makata ngayon ha? at ang tuhod mo, alagaan mo, hahaha!!!


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