Harry Potter Fanfiction?!

I came across a copy of an ebook titled “Book 7 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” which my housemate, Bernard brought home. At first I was really apprehensive in reading it because i don’t want the magic to be spoiled. However, as the saying goes, “Curiosity killed the cat.” I believe this is just a fan fiction but at times i could feel the magic being weaved.

The novel is as long as any harry potter novels that have been officially released. It is for a more mature readership though since the book have plenty snogging, petting and lots of deaths.

Click here to download ebook.


  1. abet says:


    nakabangga ko itong website na ito..nagsesearch kasi ako ng PBMIT tags eh. akala ko kung sinong azneita ito..di ba pagcaliwagan ka? kanino ba itong site? nga pala, yung ebook ng harry potter, hindi na maview. sana makahanap kayo ng bagong link.. ingats pre..



  2. herson says:

    ok na yung link dre. i suggest you download the whole file. pdf lang naman yan eh…
    -papa paks


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