Cheapskates’s PC Buyer’s Guide

The kids back home are planning on buying a PC that they can use preferably for Internet, gaming and most importantly – for schoolwork. However, there’s a big problem – MONEY problem.

The above-mentioned rig has a decent system. I left out an Inno3d 8500GT video card worth Php 4730 for obvious reasons – too pricey and there’s already an on board video card (although it wouldn’t hurt to have a separate one to offload the burden). It also has a better speaker system than the freebies they give away with a new casing. And yes, a new monitor display and a wireless router.

This one costs way less than the previous one. I chopped off the speakers, the optical storage and the router. My reasoning is that (1) we can live with the freebie speaker, (2) we can install the system and use the net to do the downloading of files, and (3) we can connect to the net with cables (for now).

The last one is the most basic rig. I junked the monitor altogether and hope the old one still works. It is still at Php 15,000 but if we are to buy a new one we at least have to make sure that the core components will be at par with the best. Namely, the processor, the motherboard and the memory.

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