in the works!

Barring any major obstacles, azneita projects will be off the ground in no time. Initially, the timetable is set to 5 months but anything can happen and i sure hope that it lifts off sooner than later.

What’s on my mind these days?…Well, fresh from a two-day off down in caylabne bay, i’m sort of still tryig to collect my thoughts about all the things that i have left behind.

First would be the house rent and bills. The share for the month of July is now set at P1300 each – that is P11,700 in total for the coming month. Less 8000 for rent, 2000 for electricity, 1200 for telephone and 300 for water, we still have 200 as change – that would be for the water refills. Hopefully, everything would be settled as usual.

Second would be my salary talk with AMH bigwigs. I’m torn between permanent employment and part-time commitment. Currently, i am asking for P10,000 for the month of June but RACL asked me to keep my previous rate and that we will talk about my new scope and rate this week. I’m okay either way but with the goings on i believe i would be better served if i can just have a part-time commitment. That way, i can still focus with my studies AND azneita projects…

Third thing on my mind is getting all my academic loose ends tied down. Notably PA 143, PA 191, PA 151, Fil 25 and Nat Sci I. I’ll be making sure i get them all this time.

Azneita Projects will be started with me taking AutoCAD lessons. That will commence when i get my tuition fee from big uncle kulot. And that will push through only when i call him about it. And that’s what i’m gonna do right after this.

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  1. bernard says:

    Busy kid! keep it up.. No guts no glory!!


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