Trinoma, North Edsa

It was one humid day when we decided to pass by the newly constructed Trinoma Mall near SM North Edsa. There were guys having their pictures taken on the fountain out at front and I said to myself, “I wouldn’t be caught doing that!” Well, here I am with evidence that I ate those thoughts.

My first impression about Trinoma (I’m thinking Triangle-North-Mall) is that its a another big pimple on the face of the metropolis. With its wide concrete parking space around the main mall, it does not do well in reducing the city’s heat. Inside however is a surprise. The parking space is everywhere and the place is cool. You will really notice how the developer would like to have trees inside. There are plants and fountains and plants and fountains (open air areas).

The fountains are beginning to be wishing wells. Lots of coins are out there. If i ran out of money for fare, i would drop by Trinoma and wade through the fountains for coins!

The balcony area overlooking Mindanao Avenue and North Avenue is just waiting for someone crazy enough to jump.

The cinemas have this awfully cool feature – the hand-rests can be folded backwards. That way, if you want to sleep, you could lie down on the whole stretch of seats. I sure did! Haha!

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