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computer“What is this post supposed to be about? A firsthand listing of torrent trackers/sites.”

Bittorent has changed the way people share files across the internet. Before Bittorent technology shot up to fame, files were transferred through other P2P technology most notably Kazaa and Morpheus.

By definition,

“BitTorrent is a method of distributing large amounts of data widely without the original distributor incurring the whole of the corresponding costs of hardware, hosting and bandwidth resources. Instead of the distributor alone servicing each recipient, under BitTorrent the recipients each also supply data to newer recipients, thus significantly reducing the cost and burden on any given individual source as well as providing redundancy against system problems, and reducing dependence upon the original distributor.” – Wikipedia

Being that said, an initial uploader only shoulder the “birthing pains” of a seed. Once it gains momentum, the community will do the rest. Now for us leechers, having the “community support” for a file is great. It means you don’t have to seed no more because others will be pulling the slack. However, the practice puts the file in serious jeopardy because the sources will be cut off.

This scenario brought life to private trackers. Communities of like-minded file-sharers who banded together to make sure a file is supported. Most of these sites are password protected and by invitation only.

Now, what is this post supposed to be about? A firsthand listing of torrent trackers/sites.

Difference from other reviews? None. Except i get to track my accounts.

Alphabetically arranged:

  • Animesuki – Anime/Children Friendly/Download Ready/Collection of Bittorent links to unlicensed English anime fansubs.
  • Btjunkie – General/Children Friendly/Download Ready/998,737 torrents on index/Largest and most advanced Bittorrent search engine.
  • Demonoid – General/Children Friendly/Download Ready/143,617 torrents on tracker/go deimos!
  • FileMP3 – Audio/Explicit Content/Wait for Download/
  • Gotwoot – Anime/Children Friendly/Download Ready/92 files of anime bliss
  • Kaizoku Fansubs – Anime/Children Friendly/Download Ready/complete episodes of One Piece!
  • IsoHunt – General/Children Friendly/Download Ready/621,217 torrents on index
  • Mininova – General/Children Friendly/Download Ready/293,718 torrents on index
  • Nordicbits – General/Explicit Content/Wait for Download/
  • Scarywater – Anime/Children Friendly/Download Ready/10,440 live torrents/unlicensed anime fansub tracker/
  • Scrapetorrent – General/Children Friendly/Download Ready/one cool layout!
  • Snarf-it – General/Explicit Content/Download Ready/493,629 torrents on index/
  • The Pirate Bay – General/Explicit Content/Download Ready/513,187 torrents on tracker/go anakata!
  • Torrent Typhoon – General/Children Friendly/Download Ready/855,000 torrents on index/seek and ye shall find!
  • Torrentbox – General/Children Friendly/Download Ready/37,762 torrents on tracker/sister site of isohunt/
  • Torrentmatrix – General/Children Friendly/Wait for Download/56,486 torrents on tracker/
  • Torrentportal – General/Explicit Content/Download Ready/745,582 torrents on index/
  • Torrentreactor – General/Explicit Content/Download Ready/164,678 torrents on index/
  • Torrentscan – General/Children Friendly/Download Ready/277,741 active torrents/
  • Torrentspy – General/Explicit Content/Download Ready/477,668 torrents on index/

…to be continued


  1. torrentleech says:

    general/child friendly/wait for download/you need to have some invites!/4949 torrents on index/


  2. dave says:


    aba nga naman ang taba mo na ah…musta na..kilala mo pa ako? si dave na boarder ng lola meling mo sa RR. mukhang very successful ka na ah at nag ffedora ka pa….hehhe..turuan mo nga ako….

    geh,…gud luck…



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