PBMIT Laboratory School 1996-2000

lovelettersThis time of the year, students from all over the place are attending that big bash called graduation. As i patiently wait for mine to arrive, i look back to my most recent graduation and that is from high school. Pablo Borbon Memorial Institute of Technology – Laboratory School Batch 2000.

1ST Year: Freshmen

first year

2ND Year: Sophomores

second year

3RD Year: Juniors

picture not available.
hint: we we’re MOCCs then.
didn’t buy the picture. don’t want to see them.

4TH Year: Seniors

fourth year high school

During Graduation


I eagerly await my turn for college guys!
Sign the petition list! I’ll send it to my profs!!

Pictures are available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/47776783@N00/sets/72157600024292658/


  1. Joenille says:

    Cool! I’m gonna look for my copy of our junior year class picture! Hahaha! Congratulations to both of us. We are finally gonna graduate from the University. 🙂


  2. Eddieson says:

    Congratulations Joenille and Heherson! Hehe… Nakatago pa ung sa akin… Pinaalala mo ung 3rd year ah… Hmmm, macheck nya kung ano hitsura natin nun.. lalo na nung mga kalbo kayo Paxo… Hmmmm… Mataba kaya ako non?


  3. geebee says:

    “Hmmmm… Mataba kaya ako non?”
    >> Never ka naman tumaba. 😛 Hihihi.


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