Working Yourself Through a Minefield

Workplaces are such dangerous places to be in that one is required to be insured before beingworkplace allowed to work there regularly. Also, bosses and co-employees are such trivial specimen that need to be broken down and studied before resting. And speaking of rest, don’t count on it. Just grab your pillow and have a nap, that will do.

Now this article is not about how to get rest, this is about HOW NOT TO GET FIRED! But before that, full disclosure: I am just employed for about a month myself but the insights here are born through reading other articles about the matter and through personal convictions.

So where do we start? You already convinced your boss to get you instead of the other guy so make yourself worth it or should i say, make yourself seems worth it. Keeping your job is really about boss’ perception. I know you can do the job well but so do other people for that matter. What will separate you from those other people is if you can bring in additional value to the work.

Being proactive can surely help a lot. Imagine if your the boss and everything is served to you in a platter. You’ll feel like a boss and you my friend will become indispensable in the eyes of your boss. Your a thinking human being and not a rational machine. You get the job done with minimum fuss. You’ll be a gem. [Bosses are usually after results and are concerned with the means as an after-thought. If you were able to make the report by “harassing” a subordinate, you’re showing leadership qualities. Get the drift? I’m not promoting such practices but it sure beats not knowing, right?]

You know how to do your job. You do your job well. In your eyes. Always make sure that you’re always putting your best foot forward when dealing with your boss. Don’t be a suck-up but don’t be arrogant either. And never say this things to your boss:

  1. You never told me to do that. – youre’ a thinking man. you should have brought this up beforehand. that way, you have thought this over and is just bringing his attention to the matter. better yet if you have already thought of a solution. a big plus. you’re taking problems off your boss’ shoulders.
  2. I‘m just too busy.everybody’s busy and it just so happen that you are still a subordinate. if you really can’t delegate responsibility. the point here is the boss is expressing concern on something that needs to be done and you’re already contradicting him.
  3. That’s the exact opposite of your orders yesterday. -another case of contradicting your boss. remember that your boss is human too and people tend to shy away from being reminded that thay have committed a mistake. imagine your friend’s reaction when your rubbing it to them when they messed up. This time imagine it doing it with your boss. Remember, you’re still a subordinate. Be gracious and just reciprocate the error.
  4. Don’t yell at me!i personally don’t like it but you have to live with it. he is the boss but certainly there are limits. if he steps out of it, i’ll be glad to be fired.
  5. I was meeting with so and so yesterday and… just don’t sound as if you’re on a conspiracy or something. the boss may hear it the other way.
  6. That’s not my job. bad. it’s your job to make your boss happy. you can always delegate…
  7. I’m tired. – everybody’s tired but we need that done and over with. don’t whine, maintain yourself. in the end, bosses determine when you go home.
  8. If you don’t give me that raise, i’m quitting. – quit.
  9. i’m sure your concerns are overblown. – contradicting your boss. bad.
  10. I love you man. – what?! show it in small gestures not out loud.

In the end, it’s about attitude. Remember ypur place in the workplace and use that to attain you place in life. One has to pay his dues before getting that seat, that raise, that title. Sometimes it’s a matter of time, luck and whatever your boss thinks you to be.

As we say it in GE Collections, “If you have done everything that can be done to convert the call and customer still doesn’t want to pay, move on. There’s a lot more calls out there where debtors are willing to pay.” Impress guys you are willing to work for. Tolerate others you’d rather be without.

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