A Day in The Life Discussion

1. In the video, Senator Brulte referred to the “art of compromise.” Explain this term. Have you ever been in a situation where it was necessary to compromise for the common good?

The art of compromise is deals with taking hits while keeping sight of your ultimate goal. In Brulte’s words, it’s winning the war while not necessarily winning all the battles. Yes, there have been situations when I actually relented to the crowd’s call but not until registering my issues. Back in my student council days, there has been an issue regarding one of events for the Engineering Week. I dissented but have to make my peace with the council for the whole event to work out.

2. The video referred to the “minority party.” What is the minority party and why does the minority party have so much influence on votes that require a two-thirds majority?

It is because a two-thirds majority usually ends up in a deadlock and by swaying the minority you get your vote. Compromises are made just to have members agree and so this third party needs to be pleased rather than annoyed. That’s a lot of influence on decision-making bodies such as the Assembly and the Senate.

3. The Rules Committees in both the Senate and Assembly are very powerful. Explain the role of the Rules Committee in both houses. Why do you think these committees yield so much power?

The power of the Rules Committee of both the Senate and the Assembly emanates from its mandate of being charged with the responsibility for the administrative functioning of these bodies. They can actually make or break any bills that will be passed since all of them will be coursed through them. Also, they handle official communications and as they say, those that have the information have the power.

4. Who is the current President Pro-Tempore of the Philippine Senate? Who is the Speaker of the House of Representatives? Which political party do they represent? How soon will the current Senate President and Speaker of the house be “termed limited” out of office?

Senate President Pro-Tempore: Juan Flavier (Lakas-CMD)
Term Limit: every periodic election of senators (three years0
Speaker of the House of Representatives: Jose De Venecia (Lakas-CMD)
Term Limitcommencement of each congress and if there are vacancies

5. Who are your elected representatives in the Senate and House of Representatives? Have you ever contacted them to share a concern about an issue that is important to you? If you were required to write a letter to them today, what issues would you discuss in your letter?

Hermilando I. Mandanas represents the 2nd district of Batangas. I haven’t contacted him yet. If ever I will be contacting him now, I would be discussing the plight of Batangas Public Schools. I really believe Batangas National high School should be reformed and one way it can be done is through a house resolution stating the same.

6. After viewing this tape, compare what you saw in Sacramento with what you saw in the Senate/House of Representatives.

They basically do the same thing: chitchat on the hallways but eventually get things done. Also, they both operate on some “house rules” which they abide to when addressing the floor. They both look dignified and dandy☺

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