SSS Registration

Required to bring:
Birth Certificate (NSO authenticated)
Registration Stations:
Info Booth, Counter 44 and Counter 46 (for E-1 registrants)

Registration Walk-through:
I went to the SSS Members Assistance Center (MAC) which holds office at East Avenue, Quezon City. At the gate, the security guard will already tell you to get an authenticated birth certificate from the NSO (which also happen to be conveniently located just in front of the MAC). Since i already have the original birth certificate, i just disregarded the guard and went inside.

Inside the MAC is a spacious facility for members. I was quite astounded on the whole facility because it really is quite comfortable. It is spacious and have many counters that service the needs of the members.

My processing started on a long line for the information booth. The lady there seems to be quite irritated with the long queue and motions atras-abante towards the poor queue. Public servants should really take a course on service dedication. A simple smile and some empathy would do.

After the info booth, the E-1 counter. There, i confronted the authenticated question. i am aghast on how the SSS still want me to get an authenticated birth certificate when i already have the original. It simply doesn’t add up when an authenticated copy will suffice while an original copy won’t do. Authenticated = ok, Original = not ok. Such a stupid policy deserves no room in public service.

Also, the queuing needs a tweak. A counter just check documents while another one gives you your SSS number. One still needs to fall in line again after having their documents checked while the same can be done with the other. Precious time is lost with their way of doing it and as they say. “time is gold.”

All in all, i finished the process in roughly 30 minutes. Not bad considering i didn’t have to flash some cash.

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