Fees That Need To Be Paid or Else

Cedula – Php 7.00 for students 🙂

Police Clearance – Php 100.00 (in the official receipt) + Php 5.00 (pamunas after fingerprint) + Php 50.00 (ID pictures)

the Php 100 fee is ok. the Php 5.00 pamunas can be tolerated but still, it needs looking into. The ID pictures, highly irregular. The digital ID should already be covered with the Php 100 fee and the ID prints are already irrelevant. If everyone is paying Php 50, the QCPD is one rich cophouse which have an unaccountable source of revenue. a highly suspicious practice.

NBI Clearance – Php 115.00 (in the official receipt) + Php 5.00 (pamunas after fingerprint)

The fee is ok however, the waiting area is not. you have to spend upwards of 30 minutes under the sun (i did almost 2 hours). The NBI can be sued for causing skin cancer!!!

All in all, these fees is a reflection of the Philippine government’s entrepreneurial character. As a veteran told me earlier, “nung una, ITR lang kailangan. ngayon, ang dami pa kailangang bayaran.” It is sad that the government seems to be out for the workers instead of looking out for them.

I think that we are better off with these things. A single security check is the only thing that we need, not two. and fees should already be covered by taxes. It is public SERVICE and not public MILKING.

Citizens deserve better accommodations with all the fees they are paying.


  1. macka says:

    Welcome to the inner oasis of a third world country! 🙂
    I mean to say you can beat about the bush without involving so much patriotism.
    Philippines is all about our ethnicity. Either we affirm or deny this culture among others. Well, if given the choice, I’d rather not choose at all. It’s not a sin not to do so anyway.
    nice blog! 🙂


  2. herson says:

    thanks macka!
    the Philippine government should be about the population and not about the institution. ewan ko pero, people are using the government as a vehicle for their own wants and though may mga times na they coincide with what the people need, we are getting nowhere. *sigh*


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