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call centeri just came from home where coffee beans are toasted and stirred by balisongs and i’m quite anxious of starting my clearance hunt. for those not up to date with whatever i am doing, i got a job. a real job that is. with an 8 hour requirement and a boss i have to report to and a “measly” salary to go along with it. yeah i now have a job. :)prior to my getting a regular job, i’m doing part-time work as a computer specialist/system administrator for dormitories and small-medium businesses. funny though that dormitories want to call me as the “technician” or simply “kuya internet” while businesses refer to me as “technical consultant”. whew!

I am doing this racket for quite sometime now. i earn around 2500 a month on my lowest point to about 9000 a month on the highest. one shot projects give me around 8000 on the average. its not a bad living provided i’m still an undergraduate student but it simply isn’t regualr for comfort’s sake. there were times i also go broke and its such a distraction so i looked for a job a found one.

acl injuryhowever, i’m still saddled with a literally crippling injury. an ACL injury i sustained while playing for professional basketball… šŸ™‚ i play for myself so naturally, i’m not covered by insurance policies and stuff. i was aghast to find out about it afterwards. i fired my staff and changed offices. what a bother…

so there my friends, i need money as much as your love and compassion. i will greatly appreciate it if you’ll send me groceries and used clothes but more so if you’ll send me cash. šŸ™‚

Equitable PCI Bank
Account Name: Heherson Pagcaliwagan
Account number: 0280-14197-6

just indicate your name so i can thank you properly:)


  1. PoPPeT says:

    im no mr submarine, im a ninja. and ninjas are supposed to be stealthy, not the kind of ninja like hayabusa in Dead or Alive movie. sssneaky sssmeagol ssss… no wonder you’re broke, coz ur eatin a lot! look at those layers of “baby” fats! stop eating mcdo kiddie meals and start buying whole wheat cereals. about your leg, just donate it to the national museum, maybe they’ll find answers to some prehistoric wonders. don’t worry, i’ll replace ur leg with an automail. and this is no ordinary automail, it can be transformed into a barbeque grill! isaw, bangus,atay… convenient eh? technical consultant? ay sus!



  2. herson says:

    haha! ayan buhay ka na uli! yey!
    not broke anymore… i broke the bank mga two weeks ago and i stopped eating kiddie meals. they are simply so teeny-weeeny šŸ™‚ LOL!
    about the automail, i’ll simply use it for new year! just send it over. hehe…
    ano pwede natin i-smuggle dyan? i’m on the lookout for a prospective business… baka may market dyan… šŸ™‚


  3. Poppet says:

    hmm.. anong gusto mo, px goods? harharhar.. hindi pa ko nakapag-ikot dito, mag-aaral muna akong driving. konti lang kasing mga puno dito na pwede kong daanan. kung nandito ka lang sana, kikita ka ng 50k dollars a year as a technical consultant, hehe.. anong email add ni bading perry? wala na kasi akong load sa celfon e. hindi pa ako makakaload hangga’t wala pa akong trabaho dito. marami sana magandang applyan kaso nagrerequire naman ng driver’s license so mag-aaral muna akong driving.


  4. herson says:

    According to Robert Half International, starting salaries in 2005 ranged from $26,250 to $53,750 for help-desk and technical support staff and from $44,500 to $63,250 for more senior technical support specialists. For systems administrators, starting salaries in 2005 ranged from $47,250 to $70,500. sayang nga eh..monthly ba yun or yearly na? .

    peter potpot, i’m driving traffic sa site ko eh… dun ka na lang mag-comment
    love you! nyahaha…

    P.S. madali lang matutong magdrive. primera – abante, reverse – atras. pag babangga – brake! —- papa perry


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