On the Road to Reforms

Charter ChangeIn this time of strife where everybody wants to seem righteous, where a presidency hangs in a precarious balance, where legislators wanted more power by revising the Constitution and where the common citizen is relegated to being a mere bystander, On the Road to Reforms would like to chronicle the movement towards Philippine constitutional revision in this modern times.

In this endeavor, articles regarding constitutional revision Help Wantedwill be collated and arranged chronologically to give us a clearer vision of where this movement is going and its underpinnings.

To help bring this project to fruition, contributions are encouraged. Please append your contributions through this post’s comments or click through the image at the right :). Identify the article’s title, date of publication and live URL in your comment/contribution. Remarks can also be added to facilitate sorting (i.e. opinion, news, statistics etc).

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  1. dona says:

    Pressures on Philippine Democracy by Amando Doronila
    August 22, 2005


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