Progress Report 2 |AMH Computer Network System

Scope of Work

I. LAN Wiring -> ok
II. Wireless Router Configuration

a. DSL Internet Connection -> ok
b. Wireless Connectivity Setup -> managers’ laptops have issues
c. Network Security Setup -> ok

III. Dedicated Server Configuration

a. Critical Files Backup -> ok
b. Hard Disk Format -> ok
c. LAN Setup (resources sharing) -> ok
d. Backup Files Reintegration -> files sorting scheduled on monday, 11Dec2006

IV. Workstation Configuration

a. Critical Files Backup -> ok
b. Hard Disk Format -> ok
c. PC Recovery Card Install -> some PCs have compatibility issues
d. Fresh System Install -> ok
e. LAN Setup (resources sharing) -> ok
f. Backup Files Reintegration -> ok

V. Peripherals Attachment

a. Printers ->ok (staff printers)
b. Plotter -> ok
c. Digital Copier ->doesn’t have NIC
d. Scanner -> ok

VI. Mobile Laptop Configuration

a. Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) Protected Access (WPA) -> ok


1. Equipment Replacements

  • Ma’am Ellen’s video card
    • the video card of Ma’am Ellen’s Php 44,460 workstation bit the dust. its capacitors showed signs of bulging and minor burnt marks can be seen on their covers. PC Express Katipunan will replace the unit as soon as the replacement arrive at their shop. the tentative timetable is Tuesday, 12 December 2006. The store’s contact number is 4336800 and the contact person is Alvi.
    • Sir Martin’s workstation
      • sir martin’s workstation have difficulties completing its OS install.

      PC express technicians checked the memory. it was ok. they installed an evaluation copy of Windows: it didn’t finish its install. They again checkd the memory. it was again ok. they used a new CD-ROM in installing a new OS. it again failed. I left PC Express while they were checking the harddisk I plan to return tomorrow.

      • we’re looking at a potential equipment replacement and final costs are not yet definite but we hope they are only minimal.
  • Ma’am Anne’s workstation
    • history is against this PC. it registered an abnormal number of errors during OS install and during normal course of use. Sir Jon plans to replace the said equipment.

2. Server Files Reintegration

  • 11 DECEMBER 2006 -> sitdown for files sorting

3. Manager’s Laptops

  • status unclear… need time to figure out what’s really the problem. Sir Chris’s laptop is doing fine. I wonder what’s different for the bosses’ laptops… might be because they are the boss 🙂


  1. truly nice post. You hit the spot there! thanks for this!! awesome and win all in one


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