Progress Report | AMH Computer Network System

Scope of Work
I. LAN Wiring

LAN Wiring is already 100% functional. Minor changes on cable organization are still upcoming especially on the switches’ end. Holes are yet to be drilled on the equipment cabinet for printer and power supply access.

II. Wireless Router Configuration

a. DSL Internet Connection
b. Wireless Connectivity Setup
c. Network Security Setup

The wireless router has already been configured using WPA as security mechanism of choice. As of now, workstations (which are connected physically through UTP cables) are using DHCP for connectivity purposes. DSL internet is still forthcoming as of the moment. PLDT is yet to install the DSL connection.

III. Dedicated Server Configuration

a. Critical Files Backup
b. Hard Disk Format
c. LAN Setup (resources sharing)
d. Backup Files Reintegration

All workstations (except that of Martin) are already connected to the shared network storage. Martin’s workstation has ethernet issues that are best addressed with total workstation overhaul. Files backup are already underway with UP and Shaw servers leading the way.

IV. Workstation Configuration

a. Critical Files Backup
b. Hard Disk Format
c. PC Recovery Card Install
d. Fresh System Install
e. LAN Setup (resources sharing)
f. Backup Files Reintegration

Not much to report on except steps are already being taken to schedule individual PC overhaul with minimal effect on office productivity.

V. Peripherals Attachment

a. Printers
b. Plotter
c. Digital Copier
d. Scanner

The laserjet and A3 printer are already usable however, they are still not on the level of network use. The Laserjet is being shared through the network shared storage.

VI. Mobile Laptop Configuration

a. Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) Protected Access (WPA)

WPA security is already configured for the system. Tests have been conducted for its use and the results are all positive.


  1. herson says:

    the checklist can be downloaded here:

    Check it out!


  2. dona says:

    The DSL arrived this afternoon! Weeee!


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